• Question: What's it like being a student?

    Asked by Rayyan77 to Thorrun, Amy on 19 Jun 2017.
    • Photo: Amy Grayson

      Amy Grayson answered on 19 Jun 2017:

      Hi Rayyan77,

      I actually really enjoy being a student. I enjoyed my time at university studying my undergraduate degree, the course I took at Sheffield Hallam was really challenging but motivating! I also really enjoyed the student life and being able to go to lectures and lab sessions with my friends and then go back to the flat I shared with my friends, it was great πŸ™‚
      I’m a PhD student now but I still really enjoy what I do. No lectures or exams anymore, just research, but that’s even better for me (I hated exams!). Being a student means you are constantly learning new things, you just have to love what you do and be motivated to learn about the subject you are studying πŸ™‚ having such a flexible job means I never get bored of doing research πŸ™‚