Thank you from your winner – Daniel!

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Words cannot express how genuinely humbled and flattered I am to have been voted the I’m A Scientist, get me out of here winner for the Protactinium Zone. When I signed up and started talking to you guys and answering the questions you had, I was having so much fun along with my fellow amazing scientists Amy, Nicolas, Helen and Thorrun that it didn’t occur to me for a second that I might actually win. So I thank you all greatly!

My thanks also to the moderators for doing a fantastic job at keeping all the chat events flowing nicely and helping when I had questions. You guys all do an incredible job and made it really easy to understand what I needed to do as well as keeping the chat lighthearted when the class was late.

And to all you guys who took part in the chats, thank you so much! I knew the event was going to be fun but I vastly underestimated how much fun. The questions you asked were both fun and challenging, keeping me on my toes at all time and giving me a fresh perspective and enthusiasm for my own research. It’s a delight to see how curious you guys all are and how you are all questioning the world around you rather than just accepting it, you are all scientists!

Going back to writing my thesis I will deeply miss having conversations with you all, but hopefully in the near future I will be able to put together my experiment pack to bring to some of you guys for you to have a “hands on” with. I am already in talks with the outreach team here.

Hopefully during our short conversations I have shown you that science is everywhere, just because you don’t like physics, biology or chemistry doesn’t mean you’re not a scientist. They come in all shapes, sizes and creeds, anyone who questions something and looks to find the answer is a scientist! And hopefully you can see that we are all fun and approachable people, just like you, and not mad scientists who hide in labs all day.

My deepest gratitude once again, it has been amazing.


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